An App Should Do More Than 311 Reporting

Communication Platform

Putting a city mobile App on the smartphone of each resident or visitor is more than just a handy way to provide information on-the-go.  Smartphones are personal communication devices that are ever-present, and always on.  A city-controlled mobile App becomes the city’s own broadcasting network; one that’s personal, immediate, and unfiltered.  When you publish a message through other channels, how many citizens receive it?  Does your message get filtered before it reaches the public?  When you put a message directly on a resident’s phone, they receive the message you want them to receive.

Local Business Support

Residents and visitors want information about local businesses.  95% of smartphone owners will use their device to search for local information this week, and they’ll probably use a large Internet service to do it.  Did you know that with services like Google, Yelp, and Urban Spoon, 30-50% of local businesses are listed incorrectly?  Some are not listed at all, while others are listed even after they’ve closed.  Merchants and consumers will praise your city for providing complete and accurate listings for every city business, and our tools and services make that easy for the city to accomplish.

A More Involved Community

A mobile App should empower citizens to report concerns such as potholes or graffiti (as iFan Media Apps do), but the App becomes really powerful when it helps people discover city events, opportunities to volunteer, parks, trails, museums, recreational opportunities, and other resources the city has made available to enrich their lives.  The city’s mobile App should be a key tool, perhaps THE key tool, to promote participation within the city.


Mobile, social, and location-based technologies can be delivered affordably in the cloud.  We can make you a custom-branded city App with the richest set of functionality available in the market, for $499.

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